Are you looking for a furniture painter in the Oklahoma City area?


I’m Carol Webster and Miss Smarty Paints® is the name of my furniture-painting business in the Oklahoma City metro area.

  • If you have a piece of furniture that needs painting or repainting, you’re in the right place.
  • If you’ve purchased a piece of furniture with beautiful lines but the color is all wrong, then I can change that color with long-wearing, high-quality paint.
  • If you inherited a family piece that whose finish has seen better days, I can bring into today’s style and color using paint.
  • If you found the perfect old piece and it has already been painted and you just don’t like the color, I can repaint it and make it just what you want.

I specialize in painting furniture, new or old pieces. If you want a new look for your furniture, I can help.

Snap a quick photo of your piece, email it to me and we’ll talk about it.

You can email me at Carol(at)

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